November 10, 2004


Yeah baby.
The windows have just stopped rattling.
I win.
Weren't we racing?


At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earthquake, eh? How big and where?

--Mike Sheffler
... turning to the 3-D map, we see an unmistakable cone of ignorance

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Don Sheffler said...

WELL,,, hmmmmm. I don't often mistake sonic boom for earthquakes but...

I just checked a USGS site and the only earthquakes in the last hour or two have been a 1.0, a little northeast of Hemet (about 80 miles from me), and down by the border, another 1.0 some 50 miles from me. I wouldn't have felt either of those but maybe my windows have some absurdly sensitive calibration. And come to think of it, they do.

There's a highway project about 1 mile east of here and when they blast away rock with dynamite every 2a.m., my windows all chatter away enough to get me down the hall checking on the kids. And the 4.3 earthquake up by Lancaster a couple months ago jolted, once again, only the windows. But it did the trick.

If I had a dog or some barn animals hanging around here I'll be they would have gone off like a surprise fire-drill too.

Hey, I'm an idiot. Blogs are great for revealing this kind of fact at a slow acceptible rate.


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