October 22, 2004

Hey, that's not half bad...

Note to self: Politically top-heavy. Mix in sports and sex, art, history, movies, music, and many personally embarrassing anecdotes. Make this blog more appealing even to yourself.

That said... Gonna bash all that youthfull political exhuberance I see going around. Yes, I'm just picking on the "choose-or-lose" crowd today. Just an itch I need to scratch.

What is always amazing to me, and why I made a comment about polls meaning nothing, is that so many well-meaning Democrat-leaning would-be voters who show up quite vociferously on opinion polls, never actually show up at the ballot box.

No foul play. Just plain laziness and the false sense that their "one" vote isn't necessary.

They sleep in and they have a class at noon and a 2 p.m. restaurant shift, gotta run because it's lunchtime, they're starving, so they just blow it off because "doh!" they forgot where they put the voter guide with their polling address.

You know who I'm talking about. YOU.

Granted, lately I'm reading about some sort of astounding and unprecedented levels of voter registration this year so maybe YOU got off your ass. We'll see.

All in all it's pathetic that in America only 3 out of 4 eligible voters even register... AND THEN only 2 out of those 3 even bother to vote. And that's on a good day. Imagine that!

Altogether, that means HALF of the people who could vote actually do vote.

" ... I think I'll just pick up Wednesday's newspaper and see who's running my country for me ... Hey, Whoa! ... "

So, fully 50% of the people in America who are either whining or cheering the state of affairs in this country really ought to just SHUT UP and vote next time. Every next time.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, people suck. I wonder what there is any resistance to having Voting day be a national holiday? I suppose people would just take off and not vote anyway.

--Mike Sheffler
... turning to the 3-D map, we see an unmistakable cone of ignorance


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