February 25, 2005

The Audio Post That Never Was

Blogger has a new feature, where you can call in to a special number, with your password of course, and leave a voice mail that gets converted to an audio file post on your blog.

I tested it out on Friday, and the post finally showed up this morning (Sunday). I don't if 36-48 hours is supposed to be the normal wait-time. I doubt it.

I intended right from the start to just post a simple message as an experiment and then delete it as soon as I heard it. Which I've done.

But in the process, I experienced something odd. Hearing a mundane voice mail from myself posted to my own blog sort of takes away the magic of "online publishing". Perhaps in the same way that a phone conversation isn't nearly the same as a letter correspondence or even trading a few emails. There is still something far more tangible in the written, or typed, word.

Anyway, forgot what else I was going to say. Just call me back. Talk to you later.


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