February 02, 2005

Goodness Sake, It's No-More-Just-Kate !

I Can't Explain Myself On This One

Seriously. I am not kidding - at all - when I tell you that I am going to blogroll this gal. This "Refused to be...Just Kate, So no more Just Kate 2004 now!!!" person.

I will not try to explain myself. I will not analyse my inner workings, no, I will not engage in a shallow and transparent attempt to assuage your perplexidity. Just follow me on this one.

Clear your mind. Read it. Taste it:

It's no different than just come right in. So much
for that stupid knock of asking for entry.

Wamp right into "still mine" office and instead of
asking or annocing her purpose. My sec just so busy yacking with this girl who
going to move into my office and totally ignore me. The nerve of her came in
like I dont exist! Where's your manner that your mother taught

I just have this insatiable desire to read everything she writes.

Now, quit looking at me that way. I'll say this again: I'm not kidding. I honestly don't know if the attraction is so much in the charmingly thorough Thrash & Mangle of the English language, or, more to heart of the issue, the astoundingly clear meaning I get from it. It's like a mind-meld.

Goodness Sake!

Maybe it's that I'm often around a lot of English-as-a-Second-Language speakers, what with my better half being Asian. Well, I don't know what it is - and I swore not to analyse.

But for some reason I'm just a deer in the headlights.

New year suppose to start new chapter of walk. But
she's going to annoy the hack out of us. She's not really really that walking
per sake. Let's stop here and Let's stop there. Waste of time and not really
walking at all.


Come on. Try it. Just ... Be the ball:

Other "soap" online
Some blonde thought she's
stupid. But she manage to hangon to this married older man. And he even willing
to loose his lawfully wedded wife and follow her. I dont think she's that stupid
afterall. Beside, her determination gotten all paid for law school from this
older man. And now she's debating if she should move to the other state to take
this job offer! That's no dumb blonde that I can see.

Get it yet? That tingly feeling?

And you still think I'm kidding.

Listen, unbeliever, this is how it went down: One day I click on the blatantly innocuous "NEXT BLOG" button, and I find myself reading this Kate person's... blog ... thing. And of course, I'm thinking, wow, she's got a little ways to go in the Clarity Department.

But then, magically, I get it. I really do.

Less vocabulary, more meaning. Gained in Translation.

So they can't plan ahead. And now they found problem
and not able to use my program. But with no warning, all of a sudden it became
my problem because for their poor planning. Goodness sake! ... Go take your number. Crying out loud!

See, you know well enough by now how I like to twist and deform words and phrases so that the meanings are, I guess, playfully apparent, if you're up for my game. Words and phrases that aren't "legally sanctioned", yet if you focus just off-center, they're clear as a bell. Maybe that's what this is all about.

And she's very profound:

No yum yum
None of my girls used that much yum yum.
#1 got to be the one used the most. It just dawn on me as the nurse asking for
one for my 16 mos old and I am so proud to tell her no....

Goodness, time sure flies! How
can the before teen grow up way too fast and during teen like dragging forever.
I just can't understand that at all.

Well, I can.

For More of No More Just Kate ...


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