December 28, 2006

Georgia Destroys 488 Towns -or- I Coulda Sworn Chatoogaville Was Right Here!

Seems the official cartographers at the transportation department in Georgia are quite the decluttering types. So if you live in or near what used to be Hemp GA, or proudly call yourself a citizen of what turns out to be not Po Diddy Crossroads GA, you and the other unworthy denizens of the "Late 488" have been swept under the rug... the impossible to re-fold as it originally was folded rug.

Some of my favorites: Phinizy, Flippen, Gammage, and Smarr.

If my gramma was from Poetry Tulip GA and then all of the sudden even her ten gallon magnifying pan can't find her dot on the map, she'd be ready to fly into the nearest airfield and flag down a passing roadster and stand on the runner if need be, until she could hop off at the nearest deer crossing and then wade through the thicket into town, er, the filling pump, and start kicking some cartographic butt.

These places are drenched with meaning and value. I hear that the Town Formerly Known As Chatoogaville holds the distinction of being the last little country store on the highway to Alabama if you're tooling around northwestern Georgia. That, honestly, deserves a dot.

"Hey," comes the defense from the handwaving, protractor-clutching state employees with nothing better to do than to reduce good folks' hometowns to erasemarks, "whoever heard of Hickory Level anyways? Who, that is, other than Hickory Levelorians... or Levelatians... er uh... Anyway!"

So to all the New Invisibillies: Happy New Year to You, whoever you are and wherever you were.

Georgia erases 488 places off the map

By the way, it turns out that if any of these bumps on the road have zip codes they'll actually be spared. And finally, I have to leave you with the official list:

Appling Pine Grove
Atkinson Kirkland
Bacon Guysie
Baker Bethany
Baker Crestview
Baker Elmodel
Baker Hoggard Mill
Baker Milford
Baldwin Browns Crossing
Baldwin Coopers
Baldwin Hardwick
Baldwin Scottsboro
Baldwin Stevens Pottery
Banks Hollingsworth
Bartow Cassville
Bartow Folsom
Bartow Funkhouser
Bartow Pine Log
Bartow Rydal
Ben Hill Bowens Mill
Ben Hill Queensland
Berrien Glory
Bibb Lizella
Bleckley Cary
Brantley Atkinson
Brantley Lulaton
Brantley Waynesville
Brooks New Rock Hill
Bryan Blitchton
Bryan Ellabelle
Bryan Groveland
Bryan Keller
Bryan Lanier
Bulloch Denmark
Bulloch Hopeulikit
Bulloch Leefield
Bulloch Nevils
Bulloch Stilson
Burke Alexander
Burke Munnerlyn
Burke Rosier
Burke Saint Clair
Burke Shell Bluff
Burke Vidette
Butts Fincherville
Butts Stark
Butts Worthville
Calhoun Turman
Camden Colesburg
Camden Harrietts Bluff
Camden Saint Marys
Camden Spring Bluff
Camden Tarboro
Camden Waverly
Camden White Oak
Candler Aline
Carroll Bowden Junction
Carroll Clem
Carroll Hickory Level
Carroll Hulett
Carroll Jake
Carroll Kansas
Carroll Lowell
Carroll Sand Hill
Carroll Tyus
Catoosa Keith
Charlton Moniac
Charlton Race Pond
Charlton Winokur
Chatham Monteith
Chattooga Chattoogaville
Chattooga Cloudland
Chattooga East Trion
Chattooga Holland
Chattooga Poetry (Tulip)
Chattooga Tidings
Cherokee Buffington
Cherokee Cherokee
Cherokee Free Home
Cherokee Hickory Flat
Cherokee Keithsburg
Cherokee Lathemtown
Cherokee Lebanon
Cherokee North Canton
Cherokee Sharp Top
Cherokee Union HIll
Clay Days Crossroads
Clay Suttons Corner
Clinch Council
Clinch Edith
Cobb Blackwells
Cobb Clarkdale
Cobb Due West
Cobb Lost Mountain
Cobb Macland
Coffee Pridgen
Coffee West Green
Colquitt Autryville
Colquitt Cool Springs
Colquitt Hartsfield
Colquitt Murphy
Colquitt New Elm
Colquitt Sigsbee
Columbia Evans
Columbia Leah
Columbia Lewiston
Columbia Martinez
Columbia Phinizy
Columbia Pollards Corner
Coweta Madras
Coweta Powers Crossroads
Coweta Raymond
Coweta Roscoe
Coweta Sargent
Crawford Horns
Crawford Musella
Crawford Salem
Crisp Hatley
Crisp Raines
Crisp Wenona
Dade Wildwood
Decatur Ausmac
Decatur Fowlstown
Decatur Lynn
Decatur Vada
DeKalb Brookhaven
DeKalb Klondike
DeKalb Tucker
Dodge Gresston
Dodge Roddy
Dodge Yonkers
Dooly Drayton
Dooly Snow Spring
Douglas Bill Arp
Douglas Chapel Hill
Douglas Fairplay
Douglas McWhorter
Early Colomokee
Early Damascus
Early Hentown
Early Killarney
Early Lucile
Early Nicholasville
Early Rowena
Early Saffold
Echols Haylow
Echols Mayday
Echols Needmore
Effingham Ebenezer
Effingham Egypt
Effingham Meldrlm
Effingham Shawnee
Effingham Stillwell
Elbert Dewy Rose
Elbert Fortsonia
Emanuel Lexsy
Fannin Epworth
Fannin Hemp
Fannin Higdon
Fayette Starrs Mill
Floyd Coosa
Floyd Crystal Springs
Floyd Everett Springs
Floyd Floyd Springs
Floyd Mount Berry
Floyd Pinson
Floyd Rosedale
Floyd Shannon
Floyd Six Mile
Floyd Wax
Forsyth Big Creek
Forsyth Chestatee
Forsyth Coal Mountain
Forsyth Heardville
Forsyth Matt
Forsyth Silver City
Franklin Sandy Cross
Franklin Unity
Fulton Birmingham
Fulton Crabapple
Fulton Red Oak
Fulton Rico
Fulton Sandy Springs
Gilmer Cartecay
Gilmer Cherry Log
Gilmer Whitestone
Glynn Everett
Glynn Sea Island
Glynn Sterling
Glynn Thalmann
Gordon Cash
Gordon Nicklesville
Gordon Redbud
Gordon Sonoraville
Grady Beachton
Grady Harrells Still
Grady Nickleville
Grady Rocky Hill
Grady Spence
Greene Bairdstown
Greene Greshamville
Greene Veazey
Gwinnett Five Forks
Gwinnett Harbin
Habersham Batesville
Habersham Hollywood
Habersham View
Hall Belmont
Hall Blackshear Place
Hall Chestnut Mountain
Hall Murrayville
Hancock Culverton
Hancock Devereux
Hancock Linton
Hancock Mayfield
Hancock Powelton
Haralson Draketown
Haralson Felton
Harris Cataula
Harris Ellerslie
Harris Jones Crossroads
Harris Mountain Hill
Harris Mulberry Grove
Hart Airline
Hart Nuberg
Hart Reed Creek
Heard Glenloch
Heard Glenn
Heard Roosterville
Heard Texas
Heard Waresville
Henry Flippen
Henry Kelleytown
Henry Ola
Houston Clinchfield
Houston Haynesville
Houston Henderson
Houston Kathleen
Irwin Holt
Irwin Lax
Irwin Waterloo
Irwin Wray
Jackson Apple Valley
Jasper Adgateville
Jasper Eudora
Jasper Hillsboro
Jeff Davis Snipesville
Jefferson Grange
Jenkins Perkins
Johnson Donovan
Jones Bradley
Jones James
Jones Wayside
Lamar Goggins
Lamar Johnstonville
Lamar Liberty Hill
Lamar Patillo
Lamar Unionville
Laurens Cedar Grove
Laurens Minter
Laurens Rockledge
Lee Byne Crossroads
Lee Palmyra
Liberty Retreat
Liberty Sunbury
Lincoln Amity
Lincoln Chennault
Lincoln Kenna
Lincoln New Hope
Lincoln Woodlawn
Lowndes Bemiss
Lowndes Twin Lakes
Lumpkin Garland
Macon Fountainville
Macon Garden Valley
Madison Diamond Hill
Madison Neese
Madison Paoli
Marion Brantley
Marion Doyle
Marion Draneville
Marion Five Points
Marion Juniper
Marion Putnam
McIntosh Carnigan
McIntosh Cox
McIntosh Cresent
McIntosh Eulonia
McIntosh Jones
McIntosh Meridian
McIntosh Pine Harbor
McIntosh Ridgeville
McIntosh Shellman Bluff
McIntosh South Newport
Meriwether Harris City
Meriwether Oakland
Meriwether Wooster
Mitchell Brachville
Mitchell Greenough
Mitchell Hinsonton
Mitchell Hopeful
Mitchell Lester
Mitchell Pebble City
Monroe Berner
Monroe Blount
Monroe Brent
Monroe Dames Ferry
Monroe High Falls
Monroe Juliette
Monroe Russellville
Monroe Smarr
Monroe Strouds
Montgomery Kibbee
Montgomery McGregor
Morgan Centennial
Morgan Fairplay
Morgan Pennington
Murray Holley
Murray Ramhurst
Muscogee Midland
Muscogee Upatoi
Newton Almon
Newton Oak Hill
Newton Stewart
Oglethorpe Sandy Cross
Oglethorpe Stephens
Oglethorpe Vesta
Paulding New Georgia
Paulding New Hope
Paulding Union
Paulding Yorkville
Pickens Blaine
Pickens Hinton
Pickens Ludville
Pickens Marble Hill
Pierce Mershon
Pike Hollonville
Pike Lifsey Springs
Polk Esom Hill
Putnam Flat Rock
Putnam Nona
Putnam Stanfordville
Putnam Warfield
Putnam Willard
Quitman Hatcher
Rabun Wiley
Randolph Coles
Randolph Fountain Bridge
Randolph White House
Richmond Gracewood
Rockdale Magnet
Rockdale Milstead
Schley LaCrosse
Schley Murrays Crossroads
Schley Sellars Store
Screven Captola
Screven Dover
Screven Millhaven
Screven Woodcliff
Seminole Desser
Seminole Reynoldsville
Spalding Digby
Spalding Experiment
Spalding Pomona
Spalding Rover
Spalding Vaughn
Spalding Zetella
Stephens Boydville
Stewart Barges
Stewart Brooklyn
Stewart County Line
Stewart Florence
Stewart Louvale
Stewart Randall
Stewart Renfroe
Stewart Sanford
Stewart Troutman
Stewart Westville
Sumter Arles
Sumter Flintside
Sumter Friendship
Sumter Methvins
Sumter New Era
Sumter Sumter
Talbot Box Springs
Talbot Pleasant Hill
Talbot Po Biddy Crossroads
Talbot Prattsburg
Taliaferro Lyneville
Taliaferro Raytown
Taliaferro Robinson
Tattnall Mendes
Taylor Charing
Taylor Fickling Mill
Taylor Howard
Taylor Jarrell
Taylor Mauk
Taylor Potterville
Taylor Rupert
Telfair China Hill
Terrell Doverel
Terrell Graves
Terrell Pleasant Hill
Thomas Five Points
Thomas Patten
Tift Brookfield
Tift Chula
Tift Eldorado
Tift Sunsweet
Toombs Cedar Crossing
Toombs New Branch
Toombs Parkers
Toombs Stanleys Store
Towns Alexanders Mill
Treutlen Lothair
Treutlen Orianna
Troup Abbottsford
Troup Andersons Corner
Troup Big Spring
Troup Evansville
Troup Harrisonville
Troup Long Cane
Troup Smiths Crossroads
Troup Wares Crossroads
Turner Amboy
Turner Coverdale
Turner Dakota
Turner Inaha
Turner Worth
Twiggs Bullard
Twiggs Dry Branch
Twiggs Fitzpatrick
Twiggs Huber
Twiggs Myricks Mill
Union Ivy Long
Upson Crest
Walker Catlett
Walker Cedar Grove
Walker Centerpost
Walker Cooper Heights
Walker Davis Crossroads
Walker High Point
Walker Hinkles
Walker Naomi
Walker Noble
Walker Villanow
Walton Mount Vernon
Walton Nicholasville
Walton Pannell
Walton Youth
Ware Bickley
Ware Dixie Union
Ware Glenmore
Ware Millwood
Ware Needham
Ware Okefenokee
Ware Taimo
Warren Cadley
Warren Cedar Rock
Warren Mesena
Warren Norris
Wayne Broadhurst
Wayne Doctortown
Wayne Gardi
Wayne Madray Springs
Wayne Manningtown
Wayne McKinnon
Wheeler Jordan
White Leaf
White Nacoochee
White Sautee
Whitfield Dawnville
Whitfield Mount Vernon
Whitfield Rocky Face
Whitfield Tilton
Wilcox Owensboro
Wilkes Aonia
Wilkes Prather
Wilkes Sandtown
Wilkinson Nicklesville
Worth Anderson City
Worth Doles
Worth Gammage
Worth Gordy
Worth Isabella
Worth Shingler


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Mike Sheffler said...

I could see Sumter Sumter, but Worth Shingler? This is madness.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Omni said...

How sad to lose Lumpkin Garland!!


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