April 04, 2006

Earthquake Number 952, or the Marines?

Well, I don't know how many earthquakes I've ever felt, because I grew up here and the phenomenon is constant. It just is. So, "952" is symbolic, if not precise.

Earthquake here just 3 minutes ago shook all the walls of the office, and the windows were making themselves heard too.

Back to work.

UPDATE - No Earthquake. Apparently the Marines were "doing something". What the?

Shortly after my whole place shook, I got a call from somebody 20 miles south of me asking if I felt the earthquake. So, what the heck are the Marines doing, shaking all the buildings in a 20 mile radius? Bowling?

UPDATE 2 - The Union Tribune online say's it's a mystery.

UPDATE 3 - The Union Tribune yesterday (April 23) had an article about the mysterious boom day here a couple of weeks ago and explains that similar booms followed in other cities around the U.S. I attribute the "series" to that classic human phenomena where we notice events in clusters. For a whole summer, for instance, we'll hear about some staggering rash of shark attacks but later find that the statistics are the same as any other year.

Either that or I go with the UFO theory. :-)


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