July 18, 2005

The Mayor-Go-Round Continues...

This past Friday, July 15, San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy's resignation became official and he was replaced by Deputy Mayor Michael Zucchet. Zucchet will stand in as acting Mayor until a new Mayor is sworn in.

Check that, hold the presses. Today, Monday, July 17, Michael Zucchet was convicted on federal corruption charges in the San Diego Strippergate scandal, and is immediately suspended from the San Diego City Council, along with councilman Ralph Inzunza. Councilman Charles Lewis, who was indicted together with Zucchet and Inzunza, avoided this year's legal circus by dropping dead before the trial ever started.

So, the mayor was gone Friday and then the deputy mayor is gone just after lunchtime Monday, before the city council could even appoint another deputy mayor to take his place - you know, should something like a federal corruption conviction knock him out of office.

This afternoon whatever was left of the council appointed - now follow me closely on this one - a "temporary mayor pro tem". In other words, councilwoman Toni Atkins is mayor for a week. Next week the council will appoint a "permanent mayor pro tem" to cover the job. A permanent temporary mayor. But there's more:

The next day, July 26, will be the previously scheduled special election for mayor, and if none of the 11 candidates gets 50% of the vote then the run-off election on Nov. 8 will put the top 2 candidates head to head. (This time, there will be no write-in third candidate allowed to join the two-candidate run-off, like last year.)
So whomever is appointed permanent temporary mayor next Monday will possibly see his or her replacement elected the next day. I say we should have a new mayor appointed every single week of the year; this is fun.

If you're wondering how we get along here in San Diego: Planning is key.

For more information, I have no idea who you can call. Nobody's in.


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