April 06, 2005

What a Week


Now, with the death of Prince Rainier of Monaco, the heads of the 2 smallest states in the world have died less than a week apart. Not only was Rainier head of the world's 2nd smallest state, his reign was the 2nd longest of any current monarch in the world.

So, curious about these things as I am, for just no good reason....

I wonder if Jesse Jackson is heading to the Pope's funeral on Friday? If so, he can stick around Europe another day or two for Rainier's funeral too, and we will have seen his face plastered on FIVE world media events in less than two weeks. Has he been to Iraq this month?

Give the man credit.

Since standing next to Actual Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King at his tragic moment of death, which was the last time his attendance at a media firestorm was involuntary, he's made quite a nice living chasing around scandals and scuffles and getting his mug into every significant front page in some 37 years.


Hear that?



Tink. Tink. ta Tink.

Know what that is?

It's either a moth around your kitchen light, or
it's Jesse Jackson bouncing off the camera lenses at:

The Michael Jackson Romance Nov-- uh, trial.

The Terri Schiavo spectacle

Pope Watch '05

Johnny Cochran's 3-ring funeral today

Talk about frequent flier miles. Good thing all those businesses he shakes down pay their fines in a timely manner.

Didn't this post start out with the passing of a Monarch in a tiny municipal enclave whose predecessor nobody could even remember and who brought the itty bitty nation-state into the 21st century with class and world respect?

Or two?


At 1:29 AM, Blogger Luke said...

That's hilarious Don, and concise. The things I admire most about you.

And also the J Jackson/moth analogy. Evocative.


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