August 30, 2006

AFA Objects To Profanity On 9/11 Documentary - or -Longing For The Days When Death And Terror Came With Clean Language. And Short Hair.

Open letter to the American Family Association:

Dear AFA,

You people are stunningly senseless.

Normal People

PS - In a way, I guess I can understand the kind of pain you might go through if you were to settle in with your wife and kids in front of the tube for a comfy showing of the heartfelt and uplifting documentary "9/11".

"Now kids, while you're watching 3000 people die, ignore the nasty language. Pass the popcorn."

Really though, after watching firefighters in New York wake up to a beautiful day in New York city, and after seeing planes hit the twin towers, and after watching people jump to their deaths, and hearing their concussive blasts as they hit the ground all around the rescuers assembling to charge into the towers to their doom, I say imagine, if someone saying "Holy Shit!" were to intrude on your enjoyment of the otherwise wholesome fare.

It's absolutely insulting that CBS would allow cuss words to ruin an otherwise perfectly suitable production about our collective innocence-shattering national experience.

The big galoots. Why, I oughta....

Imbeciles' Call To Action


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Omni said...

What's next, they'll think the skirts are too short on the victims?


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