May 08, 2008

Caspar Milquetoast

I'm a busy guy. But, not too busy for you, the top-tier blog peruser. No, despite my overburdened underpaid semi-professional nearly-hypothetical "career", I am still able to upload a blog post, or two, roughly every quarter (or two), all year! Because I care.

I was researching ("lunch-killing") the origin of the word Milquetoast three or four months ago and came across the newspaper comic strip character "Caspar Milquetoast".

Sayeth the article found at the above link, in part:

H.T. Webster's most famous protagonist was such a wuss, he'd buy a new hat when the one he was wearing got blown onto a patch of ground protected by a "Keep Off the Grass" sign. A sign reading "Watch This Space" could render him motionless for hours.

Funny, funny stuff.

Sated, and excited to have acquired a link to "content" for my media empire, I captured and saved it into my blogger drafts where I have since left it at a constant temperature in oak barrels at my secret blog fermenting location deep in the mountains of... my... secret... state. This slow process has allowed it to acquire a mesmerizing redolence not unlike a tincture of brambleberry, cracked pepper, sweet alyssum, and soap.

Served now for your pleasure, here.

Above, actually. In the second paragraph.


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Mike Sheffler said...

But is it charcoal filtered?

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Don Sheffler said...

I've run it through the fish tank filter a few days which is why my blog posts taste a little like biological media.


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