September 30, 2008

A-11* Random Eleven

I used to be able to link each song to a full free play at Napster (the legal Napster). Now, I can't do that. I am linking each of these to a sample play at either Amazon or Itunes or some other place as I see fit. If I were driven to be cleverly rich and have all those multiple streams of income I'm always hearing about, I am sure I would go through the time to set up a referral link commission thing, with one of them. But, No.

Foundations - KATE NASH
Engine Heart - MIRAH
Finally Woken - JEM
Gray Or Blue - JAYMAY
The Polite - KATIE TODD
Happy Alone - EARLIMART
The Park - FEIST

* If you tune in to an NFL game one day and you see the offense line up with three lineman at the ball, three receivers out right and three out left, with two quarterbacks something like 8 or 10 yards back from center, go ahead and blink so you can watch closely, and then remember this article.

What may one day be the offense of the future of football was dreamed up at Piedmont High School by coach Kurt Bryan and Director of Football Operations Steve Humphries a few seasons ago.

They call it the A-11, and if they threw it out onto the field every now and again you might forgive the trickery. The high school has but 1000 students and sometimes you have to drag a little desperation onto the field and see what he scares up.

But this is no gimmick. This is how the offense lines up most of the game. This is a full offensive scheme which runs, passes - and yes, inserts a trick play or two - and which in its first season produced a 7-4 record and has resulted in three straight post-season appearances.

What makes this offense so innovative is that depending on exactly where everyone lines up, any five of the eleven players on the field could be eligible to catch a forward pass on any given play.

The "Offense of the Future" looks kind of fun, even here in the present.

PS -- If you worked your way through this post because you arrived with an undying interest in Mirah and Feist, but you found yourself in an article about football and became hopelessly lost at "three linemen", well... thanks for trying.


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Mike Sheffler said...

I will attempt the offense at my next NFL game. As for Kate Nash, 'Mariella' is also recommended, even if my wife hates it.


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