March 12, 2007

Tridecennary - or - I'm Sure If I Try Really Hard I Can Think of Something I've Been Doing For Thirteen Years

According to Anu Garg at A Word A Day, the word Tridecennary is not to be found in any dictionary in the world save one, the Oxford English Dictionary. Something to do with the relatively unappetizing nature of a 13th anything, particularly an anniversary.

Also, as of yesterday when he penned the entry for his daily word blast, a Google search on "Tridecennary" only brings up one hit.

Since AWAD has 600,000 subscribers the world over, including me, I'm sure the Googledearth will end about... an hour ago.

"A Word A Day" began 13 years ago this week, and I believe I've been on the mailing list for over half that time. That means I have forgotten the meanings of more words than you'll ever know. Punk.

And while I was typing in that sentence in my angry old man persona it occured to me that in 1994 I started a business which I am still running, more or less. It's not exactly the same company, and I have no employees, and, well, I'm still counting this year as my Tridecennary.

ps - The image of the wooden blocks, I stole from a blogger in England because I like how the number 1 is reversed. The image links to his blog if you want to rat me out. Punk.

pps - I officially claim to have coined the word "Googledearth" - meaning, "a lack of internet references to a word or phrase, as evidenced by a paltry list of results when searching for the word or phrase in Google." Donald J. Sheffler. Pass the word. Literally.

ppps - Yes, I know there are uses of the phrase Googled Earth, and thus a Google search of googledearth will indeed bring results, but not the way I phrizzled it, my friend. I also see a company trying to sell the site, but again that's merely an opportunistic money grab based on "Googled Earth" along with any number of other mispellings or typos of or about Google Earth. Go ahead, I dare you to keep arguing with me. Punk.


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