March 14, 2005

In Explanation ...

A number of weeks ago I started covetting the sidebar mini-blog over at Luke's domain, so I quite naturally decided to steal the form.

Well,now. I thought that explaining things would be more complicated than that but there you have it.

Actually, this whole covetting process began months ago - not weeks - but I didn't have anywhere near the time or the technical knowhow to deal with it. I hardly even knew how to insert an image into my blog.

Not that I have the time now either.

Or the technical know-how.

OK. "Explaining" has turned a funny shade of dark. I'll cut to the chase: I emailed cousin Mike Sheffler, he of the Cone of Ignorance.

I was quite confident that he would at least point me to a hacker's sidestreet where I'd learn the tricks to suck a feed into my sidebar. Along, perhaps, with various methods of ciphoning gas, getting into movies for free, tinting windows, growing poppies, building my own TV remote. And I was right.

So, thanks Luke, for the cool idea. Now I can dump all my little un-witticisms into a conveniently placed box which everyone can ignore. And no, I don't mean to imply that such is the use for your own sidebar feed. I only self-deprecate here.

Thanks Mike, for the technical whizbangery and the offer to walk me through it if I suddenly began bleeding from the ears. Actually, hacking my own site to death was kind of fun.

Now, if I could only produce ... content.

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I'm getting a little perturbed. Not that it matters to more than the one reader of this blog (me), but I'm trying to insert a little sidecar of madness to this blog, [see >>>>]
but now I can't seem to publish a post at the other blog. Odd.

Makes no sense. Like me.

UPDATE: OK, now that blogger is behaving again, I have nothing substantial to say anyway.

So there.

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