March 27, 2008

Daily? Who Said Anything About 'Daily' ? Oh, I Did? Well, Yes, But I Also Added '-ish', So This Is Daily-ish: Let's Talk Saturn

If you look at Saturn every night you'll slowly lose the ability to see the rings. This, like all natural phenomenon has a perfectly logical explanation, although I would really like to tell you that ring-miners from quadrant eleven-peck-do have been taking all the colors away and Saturn's almost out now.

So, the truth: You're going blind.

Alright, alright, the real truth.

As Saturn passed us every now and then we must of course pass over the ring horizon or the - I don't know - but we're soon going to be looking at Saturn edge on with the ring.

Read all about it here:

NASA - The Vanishing Rings of Saturn

NOTE - the body in the photo above is Saturn's moon Dione, revolving around Saturn in a sea of objects making up the ring. This view is edge-on. If you look at Saturn through a telescope right around now, this is what you'll pretty much be seeing.

Well, not Dione. You won't see Dione.

Sorry. I know how much you wanted to.

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